5-Year Extended Warranty (Includes a $100 Second Device Discount)

Our industry-leading refund policy allows patients to return their Circadia® device for a refund within 30 days of receipt. If you purchase a device using Klarna financing, you will not be charged a return fee. If you do not use Klarna financing for your purchase, Fisher Wallace must apply a return fee of 10% of the full retail price to cover the cost of medical device processing, and does not refund the cost of shipping. Refund checks are mailed within five weeks following the receipt of an undamaged device.


The 5-Year Extended Warranty extends the free 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty by four (4) years and warrants one Circadia® device to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of five (5) years following the delivery of the device to the original purchaser. By purchasing this extended warranty, you are also entitled to a $100 discount on the purchase of a second Circadia® device. A five year warranty can only be purchased for a stimulator that is still under its free 1-Year Manufacturing Warranty.

The obligation of Fisher Wallace Laboratories under this warranty is expressly limited solely and exclusively to the repair or replacement of the unit or any parts thereof, which to Fisher Wallace’s satisfaction, shall have become defective during the warranty period, and which shall have been returned to Fisher Wallace Laboratories within 30 days after the discovery of the defect by the original purchaser.

This warranty does not extend to any liability for medical or dental expenses, or for any other direct, indirect or consequential damages caused by the failure, defect or malfunction of the Circadia® device except as herein provided, whether such damage claim shall be based on contract, tort, breach of warranty, or otherwise.

This warranty shall not apply to any Circadia® device which has been repaired, tampered with or altered by someone other than a Fisher Wallace Laboratories representative or technician, or which has been subjected to negligence, accident, mishandling or which has not been used in accordance with the enclosed instructions or for the stated purposes. 

This warranty is expressly limited solely to the original purchaser and does not extend to any transferee, assignee or subsequent purchaser or user of the Circadia® device This warranty does not cover accessories, such as electrode wires or caps.