Circadia® Customer Assistance Program - $199 + Free Shipping

The Device for Managing Sleep and Stress
No Prescription Required
100% Refund Policy, Free Returns, Free Shipping
Our industry-leading refund policy allows patients to return their Circadia® device for a refund within 30 days of receipt. If you purchase a device using Klarna financing, you will not be charged a return fee. If you do not use Klarna financing for your purchase, Fisher Wallace must apply a return fee of 10% of the full retail price to cover the cost of medical device processing, and does not refund the cost of shipping. Refund checks are mailed within five weeks following the receipt of an undamaged device.

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Free Shipping, Free Returns & 100% Refund Policy

Customers may return their device for a full refund within 30 days of receipt, free of charge. If you need more time to try the device, simply email or call us and we will extend the trial period for up to an additional two weeks. A free return shipping label is provided via email when you initiate a return online. Refund checks are mailed within five weeks following the receipt of an undamaged device.

Sleep and Stress Management

Circadia® is a neurostimulation device intended to manage stress and sleep. Circadia® clones the technology and output of the Fisher Wallace Stimulator® at Level 2 (the device delivers fixed output). Use the device once or twice a day for 20 minutes. No prescription is required to purchase Circadia®.

Purchase includes:

  • (1) Circadia® locked at Level 2 output
  • (1) Electrode headset
  • (1) Velcro headband
  • (6) Sponges
  • (1) Luxury carry case
  • (1) Instruction Manual
  • (1) Return Shipping Label (emailed upon request)
  • One-Year Limited Manufacturing Warranty

Product Reviews 

"But since I couldn't stop talking about my good mood and hypercharged focus, my friends stopped laughing and started asking if they could borrow it. I'm reluctant to let go of my stimulator, however."

- ELLE Magazine

"One of four technologies innovating mental health."

– Forbes